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110 Endangered Species Act Success Stories and A Wild Success: A Systematic Review of Bird Recovery Under the Endangered Species Act
America's Dangerous Pipelines
Amphibian and Reptile Extinction Crisis
Arctic Meltdown
Arctic Oil Development
Attacks on the Endangered Species Act
Bat Crisis: White-nose Syndrome
Bay Area Wild
Candidate Project
Carnivore Conservation
Defending the Endangered Species Act
Elements of Biodiversity
Endangered Species Act
The Endangered Species Act: A Wild Success
Endangered Species Mural Project
Endocrine Disruptors

Extinction Crisis
Fighting Limits on Species Protections
Fish Farms
Fish-stocking Reform
Freshwater Mussels
Genetically Engineered Crops
Get the Lead Out
Give a Hoot for Owls
Global Warming: What, How, Why?
Global Warming and Endangered Species Initiative
Global Warming and Life on Earth
Global Warming Litigation
Golden State Biodiversity Initiative
Historic Victory for 757 Species
In Harm's Way: Keystone Threatens America's Animals, Plants
Native Pollinators
Outlawing Rattlesnake Roundups
Pacific Northwest Mollusks
Pesticides Reduction
Phosphate Mining
Politics of Extinction
Protecting Bay Area Species From Toxic Pesticides
Protecting Birds of Prey at Altamont Pass
Protecting Native Plants
Protecting Point Reyes Elk From Ranchers
Restoring the Gray Wolf
Save the Virgin River
Saving Great Basin Springsnails and Watersheds
Saving Mountaintop Species From Warming
Saving Northern Spotted Owls From Post-fire Logging
Saving Wild Salmon
Sky Islands Conservation
Solutions: Political and Personal
Southeast Freshwater Extinction Crisis
Southern and Midwestern Freshwater Turtles
The Case for Banning Atrazine
Toxics and Endangered Species
Trump Action Toolkit
Trump Lawsuit Tracker
Water: Freshwater Protection
Western Native Trout
Wildlife Services
Wolves on the West Coast

Airplane Emissions
America's Dangerous Pipelines
Arctic Meltdown
Arctic Oil Development
Black Carbon
California Environmental Quality Act
California Fracking
Clean Air Act
Clearcutting and Climate Change
Climate Change Is Here Now
Climate Neutral
Debunking the Biomass Myth
Ending Mountaintop Removal
Enforcing National Assessment of Climate Change Effects
Energy and Global Warming
Fighting Back Against Trump's War on Science
Fighting Climate Science Suppression
Fuel Economy Standards
Global Warming and Life on Earth
Global Warming Litigation
Global Warming: What, How, Why?
Gulf Disaster
In Harm's Way: Keystone' Threats to America's Animals, Plants
Keep It in the Ground
No Keystone XL
No Tar Sands
Offshore Fracking
Oil Trains
Oil Trains and California Schools
Sea-level Rise
Ship Emissions
To Paris and Beyond: Five Steps America Must Take to Protect Our Planet
Transportation and Global Warming
U.S. Oil Shale and Tar Sands

Amphibian and Reptile Extinction Crisis 
California Groundwater Giveaway
Endocrine Disruptors 
Genetically Engineered Crops
Get the Lead Out
Industrial Animal Agriculture
Native Pollinators 
Pesticides Reduction
Phosphate Mining
Protecting Bay Area Species From Toxic Pesticides
The Case for Banning Atrazine 
Water: Freshwater Protection 
Crowded Planet
Grand Canyon Uranium Mining
Ending Mountaintop Removal

Borderlands and Boundary Waters
Fighting the Vía Verde Pipeline
International Birds Initiative
International Swallowtails Initiative

Bluefin Boycott
Boat Strikes
Coral Conservation
Defending Alaska Corals
Fish Farms
Genetically Engineered Seafood
Great Barrier Reef in Danger
Gulf Disaster
Ocean Acidification
Ocean Noise
Ocean Plastics Pollution
Offshore Fracking 
Offshore Oil Drilling
Reef Fish in Peril
Refugio Oil Spill: The Dirty and Dangerous Toll of Fossil Fuel Production
Sea-level Rise
Seismic Blasting: Seismic Surveys for Oil
Stop Hawaiian Monk Seal Slayings
Stopping Trump's Offshore Drilling Assault on Our Oceans
Unbottle Water

Crowded Planet
Endangered Species Condoms Project

Extinction-free BBQ
Take Extinction Off Your Plate
Human Population Growth and Climate Change
Human Population Growth and Extinction
Human Population Growth and Oceans
Human Population Growth and Urban Wildlands
Unbottle Water
Wild Energy

Algodones Dunes
America's Dangerous Pipelines
Boundary Waters
California Desert Conservation Area
California Fracking
Chihuahuan Desert
Dakota Access Pipeline
The Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan
Ecosystem Restoration
Ending Mountaintop Removal
Fossil Creek
Furnace Creek
Gold Butte and the Grand Canyon Watershed
Grand Canyon Uranium Mining

Great Lakes Mining
Keep It in the Ground
Mojave Desert
National Monuments Under Attack
New California National Monuments
New England National Forest Roadless Areas
No Border Wall
Off-road Vehicles
Oil and Gas
Protecting Northeast Lands, Waters, and Wildlife
Protecting Point Reyes Elk From Ranchers
Oak Flat
Roadless Area Conservation
San Francisco and Blue Rivers
San Pedro River
Save the Verde
Save the Virgin River
Snowmobiling on Vermont's Federal Lands
Sonoran Desert
Sonoran Desert National Monument
Southern California Forests
Stopping the Rosemont Copper Mine
Surprise Canyon
Travel-management Planning
Unbottle Water
U.S. Oil Shale and Tar Sands
Wild and Scenic Rivers

The Endangered Species Act
So Cal Wild 
Bay Area Wild 
Water Supply 
California Groundwater Giveaway
CalTrans Watch 
CEQA Works 
Apperson Quarry Conservation Agreement
Big Bear Lake and Lake Arrowhead
Cadiz Project 
California Groundwater Giveaway  

Monterey Plus Amendments  
Phosphate Mining
Presidential Substation Project  
Restoring Sharp Park, California 
Save Tejon Ranch 
Saving Richardson Grove 
Southwest National Interest Electric Transmission Corridor 
Sunrise Powerlink 
Transmission Lines 
Population and Urban Wildlands
Wildlife Connectivity

Endangered Species Mural Project
Make Your Sign Shine: 10 Ways to Make a Resistance Rally Sign That Rocks

Endangered Species Mural Project
Interactive/Animated Maps

Individual Species
Habitats and Threats

Generation Wild


Oceans Plastics Pollution
Plastic never goes away. And it's increasingly finding its way onto our beaches and into marine habitat for fish, whales, seals, birds and more. Find out what we're doing about it.

Deadly Waters
Sea-level rise driven by climate change threatens 233 protected species, according to a Center report — learn more about the issue and what needs to happen.

Amphibians and Reptiles At Risk
These amazing cold-blooded creatures possess clever adaptations that have let them brave millennia — but they now face threats more chilling than ever before.

Don't Frack With Our Planet
Fracking's bad news: Sullied water. Greenhouse gas pollution. Threatened wildlife. Learn more about the Center's fight to halt fracking in California and beyond.

Creative Media
We don't only use litigation, science and organizing to save species. See how the Center gets creative, from offering free e-cards to iPhone apps.

Save Our Bats
White-nose syndrome has killed almost 7 million bats in the United States. Help us fight this startling crisis that's threatening whole populations of these creatures of the night.

Ocean Acidification
The world's oceans are in trouble. Learn about ocean acidification, what the Center is doing to fight it — and what you can do to save sea life, from corals to clownfish.

Restoring the Gray Wolf
Some of the country's most critical predators are under attack. Learn how we're defending them across the nation.

ESCEndangered Species Condoms Project
We've distributed hundreds of thousands of free Endangered Species Condoms to show how unsustainable human population growth and is driving species extinct. Get yours.

Heading Toward 10 Billion People
The planet hosts more than 7 billion humans, with 227,000 added daily. Our expanded Population and Sustainability Program — the only one of its kind — tackles what it means for us and the wildlife we love.

Hear the Call of the Wild? 
You're not alone. Our endangered species ringtones have been downloaded almost 600,000 times in 177 countries.

Polar bear Center Videos — Watch Now
Learn about animals, plants and important environmental issues — while (often) being entertained at the same time — by checking out some of our videos, from a hilarious dung beetle biopic to a time-lapse video of a monarch emerging from a chrysalis.

condorSaving Tejon Ranch
Megadevelopments threaten to obliterate some of the California condor's most vital habitat. Learn about the strong stance we're taking to save all of Tejon Ranch.

Polar bearAn Arctic Icon That Changed the World
Meet the beloved bear that made millions — even the recalcitrant G.W. Bush administration — sit up and take notice of warming's effects.

Carnivores at Risk
Predators like jaguars, wolves, and bears can be prey, too — learn about the threats they face and their critical role in ecosystems.

Off-road to Ruin
Off-road vehicles tear up habitat, directly harm species, and pollute the air. We work hard to keep their destruction in check.

Grizzly bear photo
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