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• Ongoing: "Saving Life on Earth" Webinars (online)
• Feb. 11 through Feb. 18: Film Screening and Discussion: To Kid or Not to Kid (online)
• Ongoing: Host a Population and Sustainability Event With Our Endangered Species Condoms Resources (worldwide)

• Ongoing: The Pollination Project Giving Seed Grants to Fund Social Change Projects (online)
• Ongoing: Global Amphibian BioBlitz: Saving Amphibians Through Social Networking (worldwide)

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Saving Life on Earth webinar screenshot


"Saving Life on Earth" Webinars

Our Saving Life on Earth webinars have become a popular way to connect people with our work.

Each presentation features Center staff and guest experts discussing some of the most important issues of our time, including wildlife extinction, climate change, wildlife trade, public lands, plastic pollution and how our diets affect the planet.

As always we’re focused on action, and each webinar includes something people can do to make the planet a better place.

You can also take part in our Saving Life on Earth campaign by taking action online to help build a coast-to-coast network to ensure the United States is a leader in saving the world’s biodiversity.

Keep your eye on this page to get details on the next webinar and watch recordings of past webinars.

Penguin banner photo by Michael Van Woert