No Dakota Access Pipeline

We Stand With Standing Rock

Water is life — and in North Dakota the Standing Rock Sioux tribe is leading an inspiring, historic battle to protect it by stopping the Dakota Access pipeline.

This pipeline would carry almost 19 million gallons of toxic fracked oil per day from North Dakota to Illinois, slashing through traditional indigenous lands, fragile wildlife habitat, sacred sites and the Missouri River. Spills are inevitable, and the carbon costs to our climate are unacceptable.

Hundreds of original nations and millions of other people have joined the Standing Rock Sioux tribe's historical resistance to the pipeline — resistance to sacred-site desecration, water and climate pollution, and colonial oppression. 

Although plans were temporarily halted by lawsuits and civil disobedience, construction moved forward under the Trump administration, which worked hard with its fossil fuel friends to see the pipeline finished. 

Finally, in July 2020, a federal judge ruled that the Dakota Access Pipeline must shut down pending a new environmental review

The Center for Biological Diversity and our supporters are committed to doing everything in our power to stand — and act — in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux and stop the Dakota Access pipeline once and for all, with no chance of resurrection.


Center for Biological Diversity staff, 2016.



Youth at Standing Rock photo by Jacqueline Keeler/Flickr