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Keystone Activists: Make Your Voice Heard

It’s time to take the Keystone XL pipeline fight to the streets — and we need your help.

We’re asking people around the country to make their voices heard. Put a sign in your yard. Protest at your local park or storefront. Paste a flyer to the windshield of your car. Send factsheets to your friends. Organize a gathering or other event to teach people about Keystone and spread the word.

The Center for Biological Diversity will stand by you each step of the way. We’ve made a series of signs you can print, including two versions of each: one 8 ½ by 11 inches (perfect for your car window or bulletin board), and another 18 by 25 inches (great to display in your front yard or march with at a rally). We're also providing an awesome polar bear mask for you to print, cut out and put on a stick or string for you very own polar bear protest — plus a factsheet to help you get out all the right information.

We just sent a letter to Hillary Clinton asking her to speak out against Keystone XL. Read it here.

Read our report on the imperiled species at risk from Keystone XL, In Harm’s Way: How the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Have Ignored the Dangers of the Keystone XL Pipeline to Endangered Species. We also have a Web page all about these species.


• Ongoing: Host an Action to Stop Keystone (nationwide)


Check out our new No Keystone rap video, in which the Center’s Frostpaw the Polar Bear tells President Obama why he must reject this disastrous pipeline pronto.


Then watch the video we made below to go with our America's Dangerous Pipelines page. This video, called "One Lime-lapse Big Oil Doesn't Want You to See," went viral on the popular website Upworthy:



View and print our Say No to Keystone signs, our polar bear mask and our factsheet:

Banner or Flyer: Say No to Keystone

Banner or Flyer: Stand Up for Wildlife, Say No to Keystone

Banner or Flyer: Tar Sands Kill, Pipelines Spill

Yard Sign: Say No to Keystone



Polar Bear Mask

Keystone XL Factsheet


And don’t forget to take our Keystone pledge, joining tens of thousands of people around the country who are mobilizing against this destructive pipeline — and when you host your your event, bring pledge forms for your friends, so they can help spread the movement.

Thanks for being part of this exciting month of action — and please let us know how your event went by sending an email with your photos, videos and comments to nokeystone@biologicaldiversity.org.

Learn more about the dangers of Keystone.