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CENTER for BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY Because life is good

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The Center for Biological Diversity works through science, law and creative media to secure a future for all species, great or small, hovering on the brink of extinction.
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Epidemic That Has Killed Millions of Bats Across Eastern United States Has Now Reached Wisconsin, Michigan

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Help Stop Rogue Wildlife-killing Agency

Under various names Wildlife Services has exterminated millions of animals since the early part of the 20th century, targeting native carnivores like coyotes and foxes, ferrets, birds and many other species at the behest of agribusiness interests. In the past half-decade, the agency has killed about 1.5 million native animals annually. And the killing goes unchecked. We're working to put an end to the massacre. Watch our video on the issue, visit our web page, and please act now to tell Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to rein in this out-of-control, wildlife-killing agency.


Center Videos

The Center: 25 Years of Saving Wildlife


Watch more Center videos here.


Hear the call of the wild? You're not alone. Our endangered species ringtones have been downloaded about 620,000 times in nearly 180 countries.


Give Now: Save Endangered Wildlife
Put your dollars to work today to protect wolves, bears, sea turtles and hundreds of other species on the brink of extinction.



Take Extinction Off Your Plate
Meat production is one of the main drivers of environmental degradation globally. Reduce your consumption and help save species, habitat, water, emissions and air quality. Take our pledge now.
Restoring the Gray Wolf
We’re fighting to help all U.S. gray wolves get back the protections they need to recover in habitat across the country. Losing safeguards could bring their progress to a grinding halt.
Center Report: On Shaky Ground
A fracking boom in California would increase the state's earthquake danger, the Center and allies found in a new report. Learn how oil companies are raising California’s risk by annually injecting billions of gallons of wastewater into hundreds of disposal wells.
Killing Keystone XL
This 1,700-mile-long planned pipeline would move up to 35 million gallons of dirty tar-sands oil every day, plowing through species habitat and hastening climate change chaos. Help stop this environmental disaster now — before it’s too late.

Heading Toward 10 Billion People
The planet hosts more than 7 billion humans, with 227,000 added daily. Our expanded Population and Sustainability Program — the only one of its kind — tackles what it means for us and wildlife. Follow us on Twitter.

Deadly Waters
According to a new Center report, sea-level rise is a dangerous threat to 233 protected species — from the Hawaiian monk seal to the loggerhead sea turtle. Read our report and watch our video now.
Don't Frack With Our Planet
Fracking’s bad news: Sullied water. Greenhouse gas pollution. Threatened wildlife. Learn more about the Center's fight to halt fracking in California and beyond.



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