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5 Years After Deepwater Horizon Disaster, Obama Pursues More Offshore Drilling

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Forest Service Begins to Pave Way for Massive Urban Sprawl Next to Grand Canyon

Recovery Plan for California Tiger Salamander Calls for Protection of 34,000 Acres of Habitat in Santa Barbara County, Calif.

Obama Must Use Arctic Council Helm to End Dangerous Oil Drilling

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Watch Our Powerful Polar Bear Ad and Take Action

Scientists say that global warming, left unchecked, could drive two-thirds of polar bears extinct by 2050 and wipe out the rest by the end of this century. Our PSAs, going out to 450 TV stations in all 50 states, link to a petition urging Obama to take action to stem global warming — including using existing laws like the Clean Air Act to make major cuts in greenhouse gas pollution.

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CBDThe Center for Biological Diversity works through science, law and creative media to secure a future for all species, great or small, hovering on the brink of extinction. Learn more about the Center for Biological Diversity.


Hear the call of the wild? You're not alone. Our endangered species ringtones have been downloaded about 620,000 times in nearly 180 countries.


Historic Agreement for 757 Species
So far more than 100 species have won protection following our historic 2011 settlement compelling the feds to make progress on safeguarding 757 of the country's most imperiled, least protected species. More species are nearing protection now.

Generation Wild
Young people can make a difference too. Check out our brand-new Generation Wild website with tips on being a young conservationist, tools for taking action and a lot of fun stuff to read, do and see.

Oil Waste Dumped Into California’s Underground Water
Billions of gallons of oil industry wastewater have been dumped into California aquifers for drinking water and farming irrigation, according to documents we obtained. Check out our interactive map.

Heading Toward 10 Billion People
The planet hosts more than 7 billion humans, with 227,000 added daily. Our expanded Population and Sustainability Program — the only one of its kind — tackles what it means for us and wildlife. Follow us.

The Intriguing Power of Freshwater Mussels
Freshwater mussels are some of the planet's most fascinating and underappreciated animals. Learn about their natural history, their vital ecosystem roles and our work to save the many imperiled among them.

Support #OurLands
The Center has kicked off a new social media campaign, #OurLands, to celebrate and advocate for public lands across the nation. Get out to a national park, forest or other public land near you and take a photo to help us show the importance of these national treasures.

Restoring the Gray Wolf
We're fighting to help all U.S. gray wolves get back the protections they need to recover in habitat across the country. Losing safeguards would bring their progress to a grinding halt.

Say No to Tar Sands
"Tar sands oil" ... even the name sounds bad. And it is. Oil from tar sands is one of the world's most destructive, carbon-intensive, toxic fuels, harming species from kit foxes to piping plovers. Help us say no.

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