"A Promise to the Wild" cover A Promise to the Wild: 50 Years of Extraordinary Success


The Endangered Species Act at 50

No law has done more to save wildlife from extinction than the Endangered Species Act.

It’s the reason bald eagles soar from coast to coast, grizzlies and wolves roam the Rockies, blue whales migrate along the West Coast, and American alligators stomp through the Southeast.

The year 2023 marked the 50th anniversary of this extraordinary law, which has saved 99% of animals and plants under its care.

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Since its inception, the Endangered Species Act has protected millions of acres of forests, mountains, rivers, deserts, beaches, oceans and other habitat — as well as the fragile and fascinating network of life we know as biodiversity. It has also become an inspiration for other countries in their pursuit to protect what’s wild.

The law’s work is far from over: We still face the loss of 1 million species in the coming decades. But the Endangered Species Act shows the path forward in saving life on Earth for the next 50 years and beyond.

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Brown pelican by Charles J. Sharp/Wikimedia.