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Photo credits for 100 Success Stories for Endangered Species Day 2007:
Aleutian Canada goose, USFWS
American alligator, NPS
American burying beetle, USFWS
American crocodile, NPS
American peregrine falcon, Craig Koppie-USFWS
Antillean manatee, Leszek Karcmarski
Apache trout, USFWS
Arctic peregrine falcon, USFWS
Atlantic green sea turtle, USF WS
Atlantic hawksbill sea turtle,NOAA
Atlantic leatherback sea turtle, NOAA
Atlantic loggerhead sea turtle, NOAA
Atlantic piping plover, USFWS
Bald eagle (Continental U.S. DPS), Robin Silver
Bayou darter, USFWS
Big Bend gambusia, Texas parks and wildlife service
Bighorn sheep (Peninsular ranges DPS), USFWS
Black-footed ferret, USFWS
Blue whale, NOAA
Bowhead whale, NOAA
Brown pelican (Eastern DPS), USFWS
California bighorn sheep (Sierra Nevada DPS), USGS
California brown pelican, USFWS
California condor, USFWS
California least tern, NOAA
California towhee by Dave Menki, USFWS
Columbian white-tailed deer (Douglas County DPS), USFWS
Cui-ui, USFWS
Delmarva fox squirrel, USFWS
Dwarf cinquefoil, USDA-NRCS
Eastern brown pelican (Western Gulf Coast DPS), USFWS
Everglade snail kite (FL DPS), USGS
Fin whale, USFWS
Florida manatee, USFWS
Florida panther, USFWS
Gila trout, John Rinne-USFWS
Gray bat ,USFWS
Gray whale (northeast Pacific DPS), NOAA
Gray wolf (Eastern DPS), USFWS
Gray wolf (Southwest DPS), USFWS
Gray wolf (Western DPS), NPS
Great Lakes piping plover, USFWS
Greenback cutthroat trout, USFWS
Grizzly bear (Continental U.S. DPS), Gerald & Buff Corsi, California Academy of Sciences
Guadalupe fur seal, John Kipping, California Academy of Sciences
Hawaiian common moorhen (`alae `ula), John & Karen Hollingsworth, USFWS
Hawaiian coot (`alae ke`oke`o), USFWS
Hawaiian duck (koloa maoli), USFWS
Hawaiian goose, USFWS
Hawaiian stilt (ae`o), USFWS
Humpback whale, NOAA
Karner blue, John & Karen Hollingsworth, USFWS
Kemp's Ridley sea turtle, USFWS
Key deer, John Oberheur USFWS
Kirtland's warbler, LouGeorge-USFWS
Laysan duck, www.what-means.com
Laysan finch, USFWS
Least Bell's vireo, USGS
Light-footed clapper rail (U.S. DPS), USFWS
Little Kern golden trout, California Dept. of Fish and Game
Mississippi sandhill crane, John & Karen Hollingsworth, USFWS
Moapa dace, USFWS
Northern red-bellied cooter, John White-Virginia Herpetological Society
Ozark big-eared bat, USFWS
Pacific green sea turtle, USFWS
Pahrump poolfish, USFWS
Palila, USFWS
Puerto Rican parrot, USFWS
Puerto Rican plain pigeon, Alejandro Sanchez
Red wolf, USFWS
Red-cockaded woodpecker, USFWS
Roseate tern (Northeast DPS), USFWS
San Clemente Island indian paintbrush, USDA
San Clemente loggerhead shrike, USFWS
San Clemente sage sparrow, US Navy
Sandplain gerardia, USFWS
Schaus' swallowtail, USFWS
Seabeach amaranth, USFWS
Shortnose sturgeon, USFWS
Snail darter, USFWS
Socorro isopod, USFWS
Southern sea otter, USFWS
Steller sea-lion (Western DPS), NOAA
Texas wild rice, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Tinian monarch, USFWS
Utah prairie dog, USFWS-UTAH'S HOGLE ZOO (educational use only)
Virgin Islands tree boa, USGS
Virginia big-eared bat, USFWS
Virginia round-leaf birch, USFWS
Western snowy plover (Pacific DPS), USFWS
Whooping crane, Robin Silver-CBD
Wood stork (U.S. breeding DPS), USFWS
Yellowfin madtom, USGS
Banner photo © Phillip Colla