Jobs, Internships and Law Clerkships

The Center for Biological Diversity believes that social, economic and environmental issues are interconnected and that it is necessary to promote and embrace diversity and justice to create the social change needed to protect the environment and all who depend on it.   

We're committed to open and thoughtful dialogue that nurtures understanding across differences, and we provide training, mentoring and resources to encourage a workplace where all staff feel welcome and valued.

It is the policy of the Center to promote diversity in recruitment and hiring. The Center will provide an equal opportunity in recruitment and employment to all individuals and will consider candidates without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation and identity, national origin, age, military or veteran status, disability or any other legally protected status; and without discrimination based on socioeconomic, marital, parental or caregiving status, or any of the previously listed characteristics or statuses. 

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