Use your mouse to save a grouse. Or a sea otter. Or a Mexican gray wolf. Our e-network makes the first step simple.

You are the most powerful weapon we have in the fight to save endangered species. Here's why: The fate of plants and animals threatened with extinction is largely determined by the government agencies that manage our public lands, and those agencies can be swayed by public opinion.


Messages demanding action from tens of thousands of people just like you have helped the Center influence decision makers, stop destructive practices that destroy our wild lands, and win protections for endangered species like the orca and northern goshawk.

There is strength in numbers, and every informed voice counts. Keep in the loop of important information for troubled species. Attend a public meeting, mail in your comments, or make a phone call when time is short. You'll be able to influence the future of the wild, when you know what's critical and how your advocacy can make a difference.

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Banner photo © Robin Silver