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Raw Footage of Aeolus Cave, Vermont

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CBS News graciously released the raw footage from the February 2009 visit, including footage "too gruesome for television." Bat Conservation and Management edited the footage into a mini documentary of sorts. In some places the dead bats on the floor are estimated at 300 per square foot. Viewer discretion advised. These are not actors, their reaction upon entering the cave is genuine.

Participants: Scott Darling, VTFW; Joel Flewelling, VTFW; Alan Hicks, NY DEC; David McDevitt, TNC; Rose Paul, TNC; Ryan Smith, VTFW; Daniel Sieberg, CBS News; Alison Whitlock, USFWS.

Photography: Eric Teed, CBS News. Editing: John Chenger, BCM, Inc.

Special thanks: Jack Renaud, CBS News

Photo courtesy of New York Department of Environmental Conservation