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Acting Smart in the Age of Stupid

Global warming is the worst environmental threat of our time. But so far, legislators haven’t stepped up with a strong climate bill to confront it. Could we be living in the Age of Stupid? That’s what the science-fiction documentary The Age of Stupid supposes, taking us to the year 2055 and looking back to wonder, “Why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance?”

Fortunately, there are a lot of very smart people out there who are finding great ways to fight climate change in their own lives. We at the Center know, because we asked our supporters to write us describing the great things they’ve done for the environment and climate, and 177 people responded.

“I’ve been learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch recently so am eliminating all purchases of bottled beverages,” declared Frank in Utah. Said Robert, a lawyer in Kentucky, “I spend all my time fighting global warming by suing coal plants.” One smart supporter led a fight to save a freshwater wetland in Huntington, New York, while a filmmaker in Texas is making a movie about the grassroots biodiesel movement. Ellie in North Carolina is actually gearing up for a trip to Copenhagen, where she’ll represent U.S. youth during the United Nations climate negotiations (and in the meantime, she’s advocating for bold climate policy domestically and internationally).

Here’s what a few more of our supporters said:

“I have been the Environmental Club advisor at the junior high school where I work, IS 52- Manhattan. We started a recycling program, and our goal this year is to make environmental documentaries to post on YouTube.” – Pam, New York

“I created Pollution Free Society, an organization to create awareness for the need to build grid extensions or power lines from renewable hot spots to cities to be built to enable us to use renewable electricity.”  – Jesse, Tennesee

“I bike to work, grow my own produce and teach my son to do the same. I called my senator, Russ Feingold, yesterday to make sure he backs a meaningful climate bill.” – Nancy, Wisconsin

“As a college student I reformed our cafeteria practices, got more recycling bins on campus and have made the student body  more aware of their actions. Also, I attend environmental lobbying days in Chicago.” – Sarah, Illinois

“I refuse to use take-out cups.  I even brought my reusable ceramic mug all the way to Japan.” – Victoria, Ontario, Canada

“I stopped driving cars almost five years ago.” – Heather, New York

All we at the Center have to say is: The planet and its inhabitants thank you — and keep up the good work.

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A sea change can begin with a Center supporter — or maybe, it can begin with you. If you or someone you know has found a creative way to turn concern for the planet — and for endangered plants and animals — into change for the better, we'd like to share your story with the world. Send us your spotlight idea here.

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Power plant courtesy Wikimedia Commons/ GeorgeHH