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What Does a World of 7 Billion Feel Like to You?

There are nearly 7.2 billion people on the planet today, and our numbers keep growing. That means more crowds, more traffic, more pollution…and less room for wildlife. We want to know what living in a world of 7 billion looks like and feels like to you.

Join the #CrowdedPlanet campaign to help us show why it’s critical to address population growth for the planet, wildlife and us. Here’s how:

  1. Snap a photo
  2. Use the  #CrowdedPlanet hashtag
  3. Post and share

Don’t have Instagram? Don’t worry. Tweet your photo to @humpsmarter using the #CrowdedPlanet hashtag or email us at crowdedplanet@biologicaldiversity.org.

Have questions? Email crowdedplanet@biologicaldiversity.org


About #CrowdedPlanet

The Crowed Planet campaign began in recognition of World Population Day (July 11) as a way for people to show how it feels to live in a world where our growing human population and overconsumption are crowding out wildlife and wildlands.

The result was a powerful and personal conversation about how population growth affects our daily lives and the planet, driven by incredible visuals from around the world. People posted photos of traffic and crowds and of the destructive byproducts of human activity, such as construction and pollution. We also received photos of beautiful vistas, scenic parks and the wildlife that are becoming harder to find, but which have a profound impact on people’s lives.

Crowded Planet started as a campaign to raise awareness about the links between human population growth, overconsumption and the threats all around us to the amazing creatures fighting for survival in the last remaining strongholds of wilderness — and in our own backyards. But #CrowdedPlanet became more than a hashtag — it became a story of hope, one where people shared their concern for the wildlife and wild places they love, understood the urgency to do it, and showed the will to protect the planet for future generations.

Help us keep the conversation going. Submit your #CrowdedPlanet photos today.

Watch the Center's video compiling some of our favorite #CrowdedPlanet photos submitted for World Population Day 2014:

This video originally appeared on YouTube.


What Makes a Great #CrowdedPlanet Photo?

We want to see what our crowded planet looks like through your eyes — your daily commute, long lines, parking lots that used to be parks, and snapshots of our runaway growth and overconsumption.

Let people know where you are and don’t forget to use the #CrowdedPlanet hashtag. For this campaign horizontal photos are best. See below for examples. (The first one is similar to what you might see on your phone; the other two are photos and captions you might use.)

What I face on my daily commute. EVERY DAY. #CrowdedPlanet No way to beat the heat this summer. #CrowdedPlanet


By submitting each of your photos and/or videos (as a "Submission"), you grant the Center for Biological Diversity a nonexclusive license and permission to use the Submission on our website, on social media sites and in other communications, as well as for media purposes. In addition, you warrant that you are the creator of the Submission or the parent/legal guardian of the creator if this person is younger than 18 years of age.