Campus Health Clinic Scorecard — Wildlife Edition: Rankings of Sexual Health Resources at U.S. Colleges and Universities 

The Campus Health Clinic Scorecard — Wildlife Edition is the Center’s ranking of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services and gender-empowerment options offered on college campuses, as noted on their websites. To determine the rankings, we looked at the availability of resources and sexual and reproductive health information and education on campus. We analyzed 22 schools that utilize wildlife as their mascots from five athletic conferences: ACC, SEC, PAC 12, Big 10 and Big 12. Our research included an exhaustive website review of the 22 schools between October 2022 and March 2023.

Campus Health Clinic Scorecard


We recommend improving campus access to sexual and reproductive healthcare by including contraception in campus health insurance plans — ideally covered in full under insurance, with no copay or deductible. Campuses should also increase access to free and convenient contraception outside the campus health clinic, such as in emergency contraception vending machines; improve the types of contraceptive methods available to students; provide referrals for prescription birth control, LARCs, sterilizations and abortions if they’re not provided on campus; provide free STD-HIV testing on campus; and offer free and convenient access to period products.


Colleges and universities can improve sex education and gender empowerment by offering classes to students and training for staff on reproductive and sexual health; establishing a peer education program; communicating these topics to students through social media, email, text lines, campus newspapers and radio stations; and training residential advisors to offer informational sessions and share contraceptive resources.