Center for Biological Diversity Statement on Gender

The Center for Biological Diversity believes that the welfare of human beings is directly and deeply linked to nature, and the health of people and ecosystems alike is threatened by the same systems of inequity and exploitation.


The rights of women and LGBTQIA+ people are under attack. We believe that everyone, regardless of gender identity or expression, deserves agency over their own body and the same rights and freedoms as everyone else.


To create a world where people and wildlife can thrive, we must challenge systems of oppression, like patriarchy, that threaten biological and cultural diversity. These principles guide the Center’s work on wildlife, human population, health, equity, food systems and resource extraction.


The Center strongly supports individual and systemic change to advance gender empowerment, including universal access to quality, culturally sensitive and gender-affirming healthcare, abortion and other comprehensive, voluntary reproductive health services.


We denounce gender-based discrimination, violence, criminalization, harassment and abuse and believe that human rights and justice are critical to the health of people and the planet.


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