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April 17, 2014  44,000 Endangered Species Condoms Given Away to Celebrate 44th Earth Day

April 16, 2014  California Wolf-protection Decision Postponed 90 Days by Commission

April 16, 2014  Alligator Snapping Turtle More Critically Endangered Than Once Thought

April 15, 2014  Pressure Mounts to Give Emergency Protection to Rare Desert Snail in Path of California Gold Mine

April 15, 2014  Endangered Species Act Protection Sought for Rare Turtles and Salamanders in Northeast

April 14, 2014  Rally to Save California Wolves, Wildlife Set for Wednesday in Ventura

April 12, 2014  Federal Agencies Capitulate to Armed Militia, Allow Rancher to Run Trespass Cattle on Public Land for Free Despite $1 Million in Unpaid Fees and Two Court Orders to Remove Cattle

April 11, 2014  Epidemic That Has Killed Millions of Bats Across Eastern United States Has Now Reached Wisconsin, Michigan

April 10, 2014  Protestors Urge California Coastal Commission to Halt Offshore Fracking, Support Local Effort to Stop Fracking in Santa Barbara County

April 10, 2014  Lawsuit Seeks Vastly Expanded Habitat Protections for East Coast's Most Endangered Whale

April 10, 2014 Conservation Groups Challenge Limited Protections for Lesser Prairie Chicken

April 9, 2014  Legal Petition Seeks Ban on Pacific Bluefin Tuna Fishing

April 9, 2014  Emergency Planners to Assess Rising Risks of Crude Oil Transport Along Hudson River

April 8, 2014  Washington's Mazama Pocket Gophers Protected Under Endangered Species Act

April 8, 2014  New Study: Global Warming's Bleak Future for Birds, Reptiles in Southwest

April 7, 2014  Lawsuit Launched to Protect Rare Lynx From Traps in Idaho

April 7, 2014  Lawsuit Launched to Rescue Alabama's Disappearing Slenderclaw Crayfish

April 5, 2014  Roundup of Trespassing Cattle Begins in Nevada Desert

April 3, 2014  Lawsuit Launched to Protect Rare Southern California Flying Squirrel

April 3, 2014  Conservation Groups Help Acquire 79 Acres of Key Open Space, Wildlife Habitat in North Livermore

April 2, 2014  Lawsuit Launched to Protect Rare Alaskan Wolf Threatened by Old-growth Logging of Tongass National Forest

April 2, 2014  Lawsuit Launched to Protect Rare Black-backed Woodpeckers in California, Oregon, South Dakota

April 1, 2014  Federal Court Rejects Industry Lawsuit to Stop Landmark Endangered Species Agreement

April 1, 2014 As Earthquakes Strike Los Angeles Area, Oil Industry’s Fracking Wastewater Injection Raises Seismic Concerns

March 31, 2014  d-CON Producer Sues California to Fight Controls on Super-toxic Rat Poisons

March 31, 2014  Lawsuit Launched Over BLM’s Failure to Report Threats to Desert Tortoise, Other Imperiled Species in California Deserts

March 31, 2014  Nearly 500,000 More Americans Speak Out Against Federal Plan to Strip Wolves of Protections

March 31, 2014  International Climate Report: Cutting Meat Consumption Key to Reducing Emissions

March 31, 2014  Another Endangered Species Act Success Story: Island Night Lizard Recovered

March 31, 2014  After Yet Another BP Oil Spill Disaster, Obama Administration Urged to Stop Doing Business With Troubled Company

March 28, 2014  House Republicans Introduce Legislation to Weaken Endangered Species Act

March 28, 2014  Rare Alaskan Wolf Closer to Endangered Species Act Protection

March 27, 2014  Unprecedented Loopholes Undermine Endangered Species Act Protections for Lesser Prairie Chicken

March 27, 2014  Feds Move to Strip Endangered Species Protections From Yellowstone Grizzlies in 2014

March 26, 2014  Just Two Weeks After Being Cleared, BP Spills Again

March 26, 2014  Government Accounting Office Report Shows Limited Cost of Environmental Litigation

March 26, 2014  Fish and Wildlife Service Prematurely Proposes to Reduce Protections for California's Endangered Arroyo Toad

March 26, 2014  Gov. Brown Urged to Investigate Missing Acidizing Reports for Dangerous Oil Industry Activity in Southern California

March 25, 2014  Army Corps Reverses Misguided Policy Requiring Clearing Trees From Levees

March 25, 2014  Tortoises Suffer While BLM Allows Trespass Cattle to Eat for Free in Nevada Desert

March 24, 2014  Lawsuit Launched to Protect Endangered Species From Dangerous New Pesticide

March 21, 2014  More Than 100 Panther Enthusiasts Convene to Discuss Reintroduction of Florida Panthers to North Florida

March 20, 2014  Idaho Lawmakers Pass Bill to Kill Hundreds of Wolves

March 20, 2014  Injunction Sought to Halt Unnecessary Caltrans Highway-widening Project in Remote Northwest California

March 20, 2014  California Bans Retail Sale of Super-toxic Rat Poisons

March 19, 2014  Earth-friendly Diet Campaign Urges Americans: 'Take Extinction Off Your Plate'

March 17, 2014  Symposium to Discuss Reintroduction of Florida Panthers Into Historic Range

March 13, 2014  Deadly Driftnets Will Not Be Expanded Into Sea Turtle, Whale Habitat Off California Coast

March 13, 2014  Conservation Groups Serve Timber Firms Notice of Intent to Sue Over Elliott State Forest Privatization

March 13, 2014  California Rejects Controversial SoCal Power-line Project; Downsized Alternative Benefits Environment, Saves Money

March 13, 2014  Proposed PolyMet Mine on Superior National Forest Still Too Risky, Destructive to Proceed

March 13, 2014  Fracking Boom Would Increase California's Earthquake Danger, Report Finds

March 12, 2014  Boogie Board-carrying Activists Urge California Coastal Commission to Halt Offshore Fracking

March 11, 2014  Protections Increased for Endangered Seabird in Santa Cruz Mountains

March 8, 2014  Washington Wolf Numbers Increase for Fourth Year to 52 Wolves in 13 Packs

March 7, 2014  $20,000 Reward Offered for Information on Poisoning of Scientist's Pet Dog

March 7, 2014  Endangered Species Act Protection Sought for Rare Coastal Plant in Oregon and California

March 6, 2014  Lawsuit Fights to Save River, Wildlife From Sprawling Newhall Ranch Project

March 6, 2014  Court Strikes Down Environmental Review of Controversial Kern Water Bank

March 6, 2014  Washington Wildlife Agency Urged to End Support for Abolishing Federal Wolf Protections

March 4, 2014  President's Budget Leaves Endangered Species Treading Water

March 4, 2014  Jaguars Gain 1,194 Square Miles of Protected Habitat in Southwest

March 3, 2014  Rap Video, Social Media Ads Aim to Rally 50,000 Young People Against Keystone XL

February 26, 2014  Congress Treads Carefully as Oil Train Concerns Heat Up

February 26, 2014  Legal Petition Urges EPA to Ban Dumping of Offshore Fracking Chemicals Into California's Ocean

February 26, 2014  Endangered Species Act Saves Two Plants Unique to California's Death Valley

February 26, 2014  Oregon's Wolf Population Triples in Three Years

February 25, 2014  Groundbreaking Legal Action Taken to Protect National Wildlife Refuges

February 21, 2014  Two Central Texas Salamanders Get Endangered Species Act Protection

February 20, 2014  Sen. Mitchell's Fracking Moratorium Bill Would Protect California From Air, Water Pollution As State Struggles With Crippling Drought

February 19, 2014  New Report to Congress Reflects Strong Public Support for Endangered Species Act

February 19, 2014  Lawsuit Launched to Protect Endangered Wildlife, Millions of People From Oil Spills Along Hudson River

February 19, 2014  Lawsuit Launched to Protect Sea Turtles From Drowning in Shrimp Fishing Nets

February 14, 2014  Dog Owned by Scientist Studying Rat Poison Is Poisoned: Reward Offered

February 13, 2014  Anti-Endangered Species Republican "Doc" Hastings to Retire

February 13, 2014  Lawsuit Launched to Protect Coho Salmon From Logging on Oregon's State Forests

February 13, 2014  Lawsuit Filed to Spur Recovery of Endangered California Frogs

February 12, 2014 Idaho Intent on Killing Wolves in Wilderness

February 12, 2014 Endangered Species Act Saves Rare Fish in California and Oregon

February 12, 2014 Major Errors, Falsehoods in Republicans' Report and Proposal to Dismantle Endangered Species Act

February 12, 2014 Lawsuit Filed to Halt Massive Las Vegas Water Grab

February 12, 2014 California Coastal Commission Urged to Halt Offshore Fracking as Documents Reveal More Frack Jobs in State Waters

February 12, 2014 4,000 Endangered Species Condoms Headed to Most Romantic U.S. Cities

February 11, 2014 Endangered Species Act Protection Sought for 9 Rare Caribbean Lizards

February 10, 2014 For Valentine's Day: 'Love Calls of the Wild' Features Free Endangered Species Cell Phone Ringtones

February 7, 2014  Top Wolf Scientists Unanimous: Science Doesn't Support Plan to Strip Protections

February 6, 2014  Groups Urge More Cautious Approach on Washington's Wolf-kill Policy

February 5, 2014  Recovery of Oregon Chub Highlights Success of the Endangered Species Act

February 5, 2014  California Department of Fish and Wildlife Recommendation: No Protection for Wolves Under State Endangered Species Act

February 5, 2014  Settlement Protects Marbled Murrelet on Oregon State Forests, Cancels 28 Timber Sales

February 5, 2014  Legal Action Taken to Halt Work at Sierra Vista Airport That Will Hurt San Pedro River, Wildlife

February 4, 2014  Anti-fracking Protesters to Urge Federal Officials to Save California Public Land

February 4, 2014  Right-wing Republicans Launch Assault on Endangered Species Act

February 3, 2014  Republicans Push Lead Poisoning of Wildlife Disguised as "Sportsmen's Heritage Act"

January 31, 2014  Mexican Wolf Numbers Increase for 4th Consecutive Year

January 31, 2014  Obama Administration Pushes Disastrous Keystone XL Closer to Approval

January 31, 2014  Emergency Endangered Species Act Protection Sought for Mojave Desert Snail

January 30, 2014  A Victory for Richardson Grove

January 30, 2014  Ocean Advocate Steiner Joins Center for Biological Diversity's Board of Directors

January 28, 2014  Center for Biological Diversity's Statement on President Obama’s State of the Union Address

January 27, 2014  State-sponsored Wolf Killing Ends in Idaho

January 27, 2014  State of the Climate: 5 Steps President Obama Should Announce to Avert Global Disaster

January 24, 2014  State-sanctioned Wolf Kills in Northern Rockies, Midwest Hit 2,500

January 23, 2014  For Second Year in Row, Tens of Thousands Ask Last Remaining Georgia "Rattlesnake Roundup" to Switch to Humane Wildlife Festival

January 22, 2014  Court Denies Offshore Oil Lease Sale in America's Arctic

January 21, 2014  Emperor Penguins Closer to Endangered Species Act Protection

January 17, 2014  Protest Urges Gov. Brown to Save California's Water by Halting Fracking

January 16, 2014  Caltrans to Remove Bird-killing Nets at Highway Project, Vows to Use Safer Methods

January 16, 2014  In Washington, Opposition Mounts to Notorious Federal Program's Attempt to Grab Wolf-killing Powers

January 16, 2014  Expanded Habitat Protection Sought for Endangered Killer Whales on West Coast

January 16, 2014  Lawsuit Filed to Force Release of Documents on Keystone XL and Endangered Northern Swift Fox

January 16, 2014  Endangered Species Act Protection Sought for Seven Rare Amphibians and Reptiles in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas

January 14, 2014  San Francisco Supervisors Urge Halt to Fracking in California

January 10, 2014  Return of the Jaguarundis: New Federal Plan Could Bring Small Endangered Cats Back to South Texas

January 9, 2014  Moratorium Sought on Rail Transport of Explosive Bakken Oil in Northeast

January 9, 2014  Lawsuit Launched to Protect People, Wildlife From Toxic Soot Pollution

January 9, 2014  EPA Begins Requiring California Oil Companies to Report Fracking Chemical Discharges in Federal Waters

January 8, 2014  Center Joins Lawsuit to Stop Bounty Hunter From Killing Idaho Wolves

January 8, 2014  Obama's Power Plant Standards Give Natural Gas Free Pass to Pollute Climate

January 7, 2014  Nearly 11,000 Acres of Critical Habitat Protected for South Florida Plant

January 6, 2014  New Report: Logging Would Impede Rim Fire's Benefits for Wildlife, Water, Forest

January 6, 2014  Endangered Species Act Protection Sought for Florida's Wingtail Crayfish

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