Wild Calls iPhone App From the Center for Biological Diversity

Everything you need to fill your week with calls of the wild and opportunities to take action for endangered species, clean air and water, and wild places.

Here's what you get:

- Find out which endangered and threatened species are in your area with our "Species Finder".

- Download as many as 30 rare or endangered species ringtones and wallpaper images.

- Browse the Center's weekly e-newsletter Endangered Earth Online for all the latest news about endangered species and wild places.

- Take action on your mobile device to help save rare and endangered species and protect our environment.

- Get the latest press releases from the Center for Biological Diversity.

All for free.

Download from http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wild-calls/id366586472.


How do I use the downloadable endangered species sounds for ringtones or an alarm?

The iPhone Safari browser can't directly save sound files as ringtones. So you'll need to grab the ringtone file from our site and load that to your iPhone using iTunes.

Step 1: Request wallpaper images, ringtones and alarms through the app.

  • Select "Ringtones" from the main menu of the app.
  • Select the species for which you'd like to download a ringtone, alarm or image.
  • Select the "Play" button to preview a ringtone before requesting it.
  • Select "Get Ringtone" and then "Request Ringtone" to initiate an email with your download information. If this is your first download, you'll be prompted for your name, email and zip code. Enter your information and select "OK."
  • Check your email for your Rare Earthtones download instructions. The email will be from center@biologicaldiversity.org.

Step 2: After receiving your message from the Center for Biological Diversity, download the ringtone file to your computer using the link in the email.

  • Note that different email clients and web browsers will have their own methods to download the target of a linked file. Make sure the file is saved to a location you can find.
  • After the file is downloaded, check the file extension to make sure it is ".m4r." Some browsers will append an ".mp4" to the end. If ".mp4" was added, right-click on the file name and remove the ".mp4."

Step 3: Load the ringtone file to your iPhone.

  • Open iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer.
  • From iTunes, select Tones from the top left dropdown menu
  • To add your new ringtone file to iTunes, (a) drag your new ringtone file into iTunes, (b) select the File menu in the top left of iTunes and choose "Add File to Library..." and select your new ringtone file, or (c) double-click on your ringtone file and it will be added to iTunes Tones library.
  • Make sure you check the box to synchronize the new ringtone file.
  • Verify that your phone is connected to iTunes. In the left column in iTunes, under the Devices section, click on the name of your iPhone.
  • Sync your iPhone with iTunes, such as by selecting the Sync button in iTunes.
  • Wait for your iPhone to be synced with your computer. During this process, your new ringtone will be transferred to your iPhone.
  • Disconnect your iPhone from your computer.
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How do I preview and download ringtones?
Select the "Ringtones" section of the app. Browse through the species list. Tap on any that strike your fancy and then tap on buttons to play (preview), get ringtone or find out more about the species. If you choose to get ringtone, you'll need to enter your name and email address. We'll email you links to download a ringtone and wallpaper image for the species you selected. We'll also add you to our list to receive our weekly e-newsletter and other opportunities to take action for endangered species and wild places. You can opt out of our e-mail list at any time here.

How do I change the email address where ringtone and wallpaper links are being sent?
Go to your iPhone settings, then to Applications, tap on Wild Calls, and change your email address there.

Mexican spotted owl photo © Robin Silver