Species Finder Android application from the
Center for Biological Diversity

Ever wondered what intriguing, unique endangered species may be hiding in your hometown? An exciting free app for Android phones lets you find out in the blink of an eye.

“Species Finder” works through the Android phones’ GPS to call up a comprehensive list of all threatened and endangered species in whatever county users are passing through. There’s also a search option that brings up a list of species for any county in the United States. The app provides a species list for each county and each state, plus links for more information about each animal or plant.

The app is the latest creative media project from the Center for Biological Diversity.

“Species Finder” also includes a link to hundreds of free ringtones featuring the calls and other sounds of endangered species. The ringtones have already been downloaded more than 470,000 times in 150 countries.

Here’s what else you get with this new app:

You can download “Species Finder” here.

Or, if you have a bar-code scanner app installed on your phone, you can install
the Species Finder app by scanning the image below with your phone's camera.

The “Species Finder” application was developed by Adam Lessey.

Mexican spotted owl photo © Robin Silver