A slumbering Arctic fox in winter will wrap its long, bushy tail around its body for added warmth. Its feet are covered in dense fur to insulate against the cold and provide traction on the ice. Blending seamlessly into its frosty winter surroundings, the camouflaged Arctic fox makes its rounds in search of lemmings or a fresh carcass left behind by a polar bear. Crafty, agile and well adapted to survive extremely low temperatures, this fox is an integral part of the Arctic ecosystems that circle the northern part of the planet.


Like polar bears, Arctic foxes face the looming reality of rising temperatures and melting ice as the Arctic quickly loses ground and its inhabitants face challenges for which evolution never prepared them. As the range of red foxes pushes northward with the receding cold, Arctic foxes are abandoning dens used for generations, searching for a new place to call home.


The Center has been at the forefront of several victories in addressing global climate change. Through an aggressive litigation and lobbying campaign, we've fought for increased protections for species — like the Arctic fox — that have been hit hardest by the climate crisis, advocated for new laws that cap and rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and forced even the G.W. Bush administration to play by its own rules through closing loopholes that allow unchecked burning of fossil fuels.

We continue to work for the fox by fighting climate change and defending its habitat from all types of other threats, including mining and oil and gas development.

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Photo courtesy Flickr/Eric Kilby