The rare Puerto Rico rock frog, also known as the coquí guajón, is a unique species of tropical frog that dwells primarily in caves and grottos in a limited range in Puerto Rico. The coqui guajón is one of 17 species of coquí frogs known from Puerto Rico, three of which are probably extinct today, and the rest of which are believed to be rare or declining. The guajón is nicknamed the “demon of Puerto Rico" because of its eerie call and phantom-like appearance.

To make sure the guajón doesn't join its likely-extinct cousins, the Center filed a lawsuit compelling the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to designate critical habitat and prepare a recovery plan for the species. We also collaborated with the Maunabo Development Committee in Puerto Rico to educate the public about the little frog's plight.

Photo by J.P. Zegarra, USFWS