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Prescott Daily Courier

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Below is an excellent example of a concise letter to the editor. It was published in the Sunday, August 13, 2006 edition of the Arizona Republic:

Water 'management' is robbing our future

The plans of Prescott and Prescott Valley to pump Big Chino groundwater have gone far enough!

The cities should tell the public what they intend to do to reduce the negative impacts to the upper Verde River before charging ahead.

It is time for Arizona's cities to get real. We don't live within our means. We don't even have meaningful or enforced water budgets. Higher water rates, rebates for xeriscaped landscaping/turf removal, waterless urinals, composting toilets and efficient flash water heaters could all help us conserve precious water resources.

And growth management, combined with careful development planning that conserves open space, could reduce or eliminate our need to find new water sources.

Now more than ever, we need to stop robbing future generations of precious resources and learn to live more intelligently and lightly on the land.

- Laurie Kercell, Phoenix

Photo © Robin Silver