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CENTER for BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY Because life is good

OTHER LAWS, continued

Along with California’s attorney general, the Center is revolutionizing implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act, one of the country’s strongest “state NEPA” statutes, by showing that it requires project proponents to analyze and do their best to reduce the greenhouse emissions from their development proposals. With an overwhelmingly urgent need to reduce emissions, we must analyze solutions in all contexts, from the international to the local level.

The Bush administration’s unprecedented war on science reached its zenith with its suppression and censorship of climate research and researchers. We brought one of the only cases ever under the little-known Global Change Research Act to force the administration to release a major report revealing the environmental, economic, and public-health consequences of global warming. Through all existing law and regulation, we’ll continue to press for the restoration of openness and integrity in science that should be the hallmarks of a democratic society.

Elkhorn coral photo © Adam Laverty