Astoria, Oregon, and Chinook, Washington

- Volunteers who are bird watchers in northern Oregon or southern Washington willing to travel to an area near Astoria, Oregon, or Chinook, Washington to view birds such as cormorants, terns and pelicans on the Columbia River.


Oakland, California (and Bay Area)

- Database work (requires high proficiency in Microsoft Access)
- General office work
- Anti-fracking volunteers — duties to include supporter outreach, helping organize events, material construction and production, and research


St. Petersburg, Florida

- Table at events

Three times a year
- Distribute newsletters


Tucson, Arizona

- Weekly mailings
- Filing
- Hand-addressing envelopes
- Thank-you phone calls
- Data entry (basic and high proficiency in Excel)
- Packing Endangered Species Condoms boxes

Washington, DC

- Volunteers to act as (or handle/help) Frostpaw the Polar Bear (volunteers for Frostpaw actors should be at least 6 feet tall)

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Photo © Robin Silver