Center for Biological Diversity: Logo Style Guide

Getting permission:

This guide is for individuals and groups who've already obtained permission to use our logo — simply reading this page does not grant permission. The Center will only legally allow our logo to be used in relation to groups and endeavors we explicitly support, and we'll never let our logo be used for electoral purposes. If you'd like to use our logo and don't yet have permission from us — or if you have questions about permissions and use — feel free to contact us now.

Clicking on the links below will take you to a website through which you can pick the specs of the logo file you'd like. You'll be asked to click a box stating that you accept the terms of the site. While it's important to accept these terms, please also note that simply clicking the box does not in itself grant permission to use our logo.


Downloadable logos:

Standard logo (with white background) in RGB color for web

Standard logo in grayscale for print or web

Logo in CMYK color with transparent background for print use

Logo in RGB color with transparent background for web use

Vector logo file for large professionally printed productions


Center for Biological Diversity logo


Banner photo of northern spotted owl by Robin Silver, Center for Biological Diversity