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Are you sick of sitting in smog-spewing holiday traffic, dodging those many mall-goers in pursuit of profligately perfect packaged products, and witnessing the wanton waste of this otherwise lovely holiday season? Please don’t despair. There is a way to do good for nature while also doing your “shopping,” even during the glitzy consumerist frenzy that assaults us every December.

And here it is: the Center for Biological Diversity’s Greener Giving Guide, updated every year to help you keep your commitment to endangered species while simultaneously bestowing meaningful gifts on your loved ones — and letting them share in your dedication to saving plants and animals.

So stay home, fire up the kettle and check out our ideas for giving — whether you’re looking for a better way to stuff a stocking or you want a gift that needn’t even be shipped. (The Center, for one, has never mailed out resource-wasting swag like calendars or plush stuffed animals as gifts to our donors — that would defeat the purpose, now, wouldn’t it?)

Happier, greener holidays to you, from all of us at the Center.


1. This year ask for donations instead of presents.

If you don’t want to add to the present-buying hysteria, make a lasting, positive impact on saving endangered species instead of getting conventional gifts. Ask your friends to donate what they would’ve spent on a gift to your favorite cause using Facebook.

Check out our step-by-step guide showing you how to set a goal and create a fundraiser for the Center for Biological Diversity in less than 30 seconds. You can consider this a gift to wildlife that gets all your friends involved.


2. Give the gift of helping endangered plants and animals . . .

. . . with a gift membership to the Center for Biological Diversity. Wondering what to get that person on your list who has everything? Have no idea what your environmentally savvy friend wants this year? Maybe you have a niece, cousin or classmate who talks about animals all the time. Give the gift that really does keep giving all year long: a gift membership. It includes a subscription to our action-packed membership newsletter, Endangered Earth; weekly opportunities to take action online; and special invitations to events. Your gift to a friend, colleague or family member will be leveraged to win stronger protections for wild animals, plants and places around the globe.


3. Give a gift for a brighter future.

If you want to give one of the most meaningful gifts around, leave a legacy for our planet and the diverse life it supports by making a bequest to the Center. Ask your attorney or trusted financial advisor to help you find the best type of bequest for your situation, which may include naming the Center in your will or as a beneficiary in a retirement plan, IRA or charitable trust. Your planned gift will help ensure the continued effectiveness of the most effective species-focused conservation organization (the Center, of course!) in protecting animals, plants and wildlands for many years to come.


4. Give the gift of wild love.

Everyone’s been asking where they can buy a copy of our extraordinary 25th anniversary book A Wild Love, and though it’s not for sale anywhere, we’d love you to have a copy. When you make a donation of at least $200 (softcover) or $1,000 (hardcover with inscription by Executive Director Kierán Suckling) using this donation page, we’ll send you a copy.

This elegant coffee-table book features hundreds of breathtaking wildlife photographs highlighting some of the plants, animals and places the Center has saved since starting in 1989, and makes a unique and beautiful holiday gift. The book is accented by stirring and sometimes edgy quotes about our work from major publications and conservation-movement notables like biologist-author E.O. Wilson, activist-journalist Charles Bowden and bestselling novelist Carl Hiaasen. Even our opponents sound off about how fierce the Center is, and that’s kind of fun.

By donating to the Center and snagging this book, you’ll be giving and receiving at the same time — not only giving to the Center, but more specifically to the plants and animals we work to save. Just make sure to fill out this donation form with all the specifics to receive your book.


5. Wear your heart on your sleeve by giving — and wearing — Center apparel.

hatHave a lot of holiday parties to go to? Let your clothes break the ice by wearing a Center for Biological Diversity shirt or hat made of organic cotton and featuring the Center's logo frog (to be found at our online store). The backs of the shirts (both long-sleeved and short) include a block-patterned list of many of the animals and plants that the Center has worked hard to protect, giving you plenty of conversation topics. Or buy these T-shirts as stocking stuffers to get both the young and old excited about saving species (if they’re not already, that is).



Do you have an idea for going greener this holiday season? Or are you helping support the Center through your work or business? Send us your thoughts at

Check back regularly, as we’ll be updating this guide until the end of the year.


Photo by Bryant Austin, California Fish and Game