VIRGIN ISLANDS PLANTS } Agave eggersiana
FAMILY: Agavaceae

DESCRIPTION: Agave eggersiana is a robust, perennial herb with large and funnel- or tube-shaped flowers, and can grow from 16 to 23 feet tall.

RANGE: Agave eggersiana is native only to the island of St. Croix.

HABITAT: Agave eggersiana occupies hillsides and plains in the eastern dry districts of St. Croix.

BREEDING: Little is known about the reproductive biology of Agave eggersiana.

THREATS: Agave eggersiana is threatened by habitat loss from residential and tourist development, as well as feral animals. Almost all of the suitable habitat for Agave eggersiana is found on privately owned land currently slated for subdivision and residential development.

POPULATION TREND: It is unclear whether there are any remaining Agave eggersiana plants in the wild.

Photo courtesy Christian Torres/USFWS