FLORIDA BRICKELL-BUSH } Brickellia mosieri
FAMILY: Asteraceae

DESCRIPTION: This perennial herb stands up to 3.5 feet tall and has leaves that measure more than an inch long. Its flowers bloom in small, dense "heads."

HABITAT: The Florida brickell-bush lives in South Florida's pine rockland territory, specifically along the Miami Rock Ridge on the edges of Everglades National park.

RANGE: This plant is found at elevations ranging from about 15.8 feet on the Miami Rock Ridge.

BREEDING Reproduction is sexual, with butterflies and bees being its suspected pollinators.

LIFE CYCLE: The Florida brickell-bush flowers in the fall.

THREATS: This bush is threatened by abitat loss, fragmentation due to development of habitat to agricultural and urban land uses, insufficient fire management, climate change, sea-level rise.

POPULATION TREND: This species is in decline.

Photo courtesy USFWS