Endangered Oceans

Take Action Against Offshore Drilling

The Trump administration plans to dramatically expand dangerous offshore oil drilling in all our oceans. This includes new oil leasing along the Pacific coast for the first time in more than 30 years, as well as in the remote waters of the Arctic.

Fight Back to #ProtectOurCoasts

Offshore drilling rig

RSVP to a protest near you.

Nationwide, please join the protests before the federal meetings on the Trump offshore leasing plan in these cities:

Albany, NY - February 15
Richmond, VA - February 21
Anchorage, AK - February 21
Washington, DC - February 22
Raleigh, NC - February 26
Boston, MA - February 27
Atlanta, GA - February 28
Providence, RI - February 28
Concord, NH - March 5
Olympia, WA - March 5
Baton Rouge, LA - March 6
Augusta, ME - March 7
Montgomery, AL - March 8

Take Action

If you can’t testify in person, send in a comment letter on the offshore leasing plan.

Are you ready to do more to mobilize against offshore drilling? 

Pass a Local Resolution – If you live in California, get your city or county to pass a local resolution opposing new offshore drilling and fracking. We’ve even got a step-by-step guide to help you along of the way.

Ignite Change – Looking for other ways to creatively get involved in this struggle? Join Ignite Change, a national grassroot organizing network, and work with fellow activists to hold events or start campaigns.


Map:Trump's 5 Year Offshore Drilling Plan, 2019-2024


Offshore oil-drilling rig by Berardo62/Wikimedia