Endangered Oceans

Take Action Against Offshore Drilling

The Trump administration plans to dramatically expand dirty and dangerous offshore oil drilling in federal waters. Despite strong public opposition to the initial five-year offshore leasing plan released in January 2018, the latest version  still recklessly expands offshore drilling into oceans that have been protected for decades. We must demand no new leasing in the Arctic, Pacific, Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico. Here’s how you can help protect our coasts, wildlife and climate.

Fight Back to #ProtectOurCoasts

Offshore drilling rig

Mobilize Against Expanded Offshore Drilling

Local Resolutions — Almost 100 West Coast communities have passed resolutions opposing new offshore drilling and fracking. See which cities and counties have taken a stand and how to help add yours to the list.

Ignite Change — Looking for other ways to creatively get involved in this struggle? Join Ignite Change, a national grassroots organizing network, and work with fellow activists to hold events or start campaigns.

What’s Next?

After the comment period and public meetings on the revised plan, the Trump administration will write and release a proposed final plan. There will be another brief public comment period and review by Congress before it becomes final. So let your representatives in Congress know you want dirty and dangerous offshore drilling to be phased out, not expanded and extended.


Offshore oil-drilling rig by Berardo62/Wikimedia