For this letter, use the Center's interactive map to find out which species are listed as endangered in your area.

To the editor:

By the end of the October, the world population will hit 7 billion people. Many news outlets have been covering this significant point in history, but there is still little recognition of what this means for plants and animals on the brink of extinction. The connection is undeniable. And even effects us right here in <<your town, your state>>. In my county of XXXX, there are XXX species listed as endangered.

Our planet is in the midst of the sixth mass extinction. Hundreds of plant and animal species are disappearing from our planet every day, never to return. They're going extinct because of us — humans. Population growth in our towns and cities has led to massive loss of habitat and interruption of natural processes. The United Nations predicts the planet will have 10 billion people in the next generation. There simply isn't room for us to grow without having cataclysmic effects on species survival.

Thank you,

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