Whether your particular Congressional representatives have expressed support for actions to combat global warming, or they've decided to ignore the problem or even to oppose solutions, it is critical they hear constantly from their constituents on this issue.

Contact your Senators and Representative now to let them know you support strong efforts to combat global warming, and that you demand legislation and policy that commits the nation to playing a lead role in solving the climate crisis.

Personal letters sent by mail receive the most attention at Congressional offices. However, you can also email your letter directly. Use our look-up function on this page to find your elected officials and their contact information. To be most effective, your letter should be brief and should convey your personal commitment to fighting climate change. You can select from the points below, but it is best to use your own words whenever possible.


• Climate change is one of the most serious threats to society, the environment, and biodiversity worldwide.
• Serious government action is required to combat global climate change.
• Because of our past actions, we have committed to continued warming over the next several decades, but we need to do pursue every option to reduce climate change.
• I realize that the policies necessary to fight climate change will affect our daily lives and entire country, and I support those solutions.
• I am making changes in my daily life to take action to reduce global warming, but government action is necessary as well.
• I urge you to pursue and support every opportunity to reduce global warming.
• I support efforts to protect wildlife and biodiversity from the increasing threats of climate change.


Dear Honorable [Congressperson's name],

I am writing to urge you to take strong measures to curb greenhouse gas emissions and reduce global warming. Global climate change is one of the most serious threats facing the environment, the nation, and the world today. The solutions will require serious changes in our policies, our nation, and our daily lives. I support taking every opportunity to combat global warming and urge you to support legislation that does the same. Delay is not tolerable and inaction is not an option.


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