Sample LETTER TO THE EDITOR 2: National

To the editor:

The Endangered Species Act is the most powerful law we have for saving plants and animals from extinction. Unfortunately, there are some in Congress who are trying to tear it down. But a new report by the Center for Biological Diversity, based on scientific data from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and independent scientists, demonstrates what a huge success the Act really is. 

The report, which examines population trends for more than 110 plants and animals protected by the Act in all 50 states, finds that 90 percent are on pace to meet recovery goals set by federal scientists. The recovery of species like American alligators, crocodiles, whooping cranes, wolves, condors, grizzlies, manatees and sea turtles is worth celebrating — and a clear demonstration that the Act works.

I urge others to contact their congressional representatives and let them know how important it is we keep the power of the Endangered Species Act intact.


Photo © Robin Silver