To the editor:

Some members of Congress have declared war on some of our nation's bedrock environmental laws that will be crucial in addressing global climate change. Among the most worrisome bills are those aimed at stopping the Clean Air Act from limiting dangerous amounts of carbon pollution that's contributing to the dramatic warming of our planet.

Scientists have made it clear that if we don't begin to make significant reductions in carbon pollution soon, we won't be able to avoid some of the most catastrophic effects of global warming. We won't be able to reach science-based limits without the Clean Air Act.
Already, we're seeing the effects of global warming in the Arctic: Polar bears are struggling as the sea ice they depend on for survival is disappearing. And global warming stands to affect all life on Earth as we know it, including migratory birds, pollinators, plants, oceans, penguins, grizzly bears and reptiles — literally the entire web of life.

We can't let members of Congress who are beholden to big polluters gut the Clean Air Act, throwing away one of our most important tools for creating a cleaner, healthier climate for all of us.


Photo © Robin Silver