It is critical that your congressional representatives hear from their constituents on the issue of saving bluefin tuna. Our government is reviewing whether to grant Atlantic bluefin tuna protections under the Endangered Species Act now and have a deadline to act by May 24, 2011.

Contact your senators and representative now to let them know you support strong efforts to protect these species under the Endangered Species Act and international agreements, and that you demand policy that commits the nation to playing a lead role in protecting Atlantic bluefin tuna.

Personal letters sent by mail receive the most attention at congressional offices. However, you can also email your letter directly. Use our look-up function on this page to find your elected officials and their contact information. To be most effective, your letter should be brief and should convey your personal commitment to saving bluefin tuna. You can select from the points below, but it's best to use your own words whenever possible.


• Atlantic bluefin tuna are seriously imperiled by overfishing to feed an insatiable global appetite for sushi.
• The Endangered Species Act has a proven track record of helping imperiled wildlife and can help bluefin tuna, too. Most immediately, it would stop U.S. trade in the species and protect bluefin tuna in their breeding grounds in the Gulf of Mexico from longline fishing and oil pollution.
• I realize that the policies under the Endangered Species Act necessary to save the bluefin tuna will affect American's ability to fish for this magnificent creature, and I support that solution while bluefin tuna are at risk of extinction.
• I'm boycotting establishments that serve bluefin tuna, but government action is necessary as well to stop unsustainable bluefin tuna fishing and commerce.
• The United States has a responsibility to be a strong leader in the international arena and fight for better management of bluefin tuna in order to protect our resources.
• I urge you to pursue and support every opportunity to protect bluefin tuna.


Dear Honorable [Congressperson's name],

I am writing to urge you to take strong measures to protect Atlantic bluefin tuna, including supporting the use of the Endangered Species Act. This iconic ocean-crossing fish faces threats over its entire range, but the United States has a unique opportunity to protect the breeding grounds in the Gulf of Mexico and lead international negotiations to reduce fishing and trade of Atlantic bluefin tuna. I support taking every opportunity to protect Atlantic bluefin tuna and urge you to support policies that will do the same. Delay is not tolerable and inaction is not an option for this imperiled species.


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