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December 5, 2007 – Conservation Groups, States, and Cities Urge EPA to Reduce Global Warming Pollution From Aircraft

November 15, 2007 – Federal Court Finds Bush Administration Violated Law by Ignoring Global Warming in Setting National Gas-Mileage Standards, Rejects Loophole for Trucks and SUVs

November 9, 2007 – Center Joins California’s Lawsuit to Reduce Vehicle Greenhouse Gases; EPA Stalling on California Law to Toughen Vehicle Emissions Standards

October 3, 2007 – Conservationists Urge EPA to Cut Global Warming Pollution From Ships; U.S. Supreme Court Decision Clears the Way for Regulation of Greenhouse Gases Under Clean Air Act

May 14, 2007 – Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to Decide Major Global Warming Lawsuit

May 14, 2007 – Bush Touts Proposal for New Federal Alternative-Fuel Standards That Would Actually Weaken Existing Law

April 2, 2007 – Supreme Court Ruling on Greenhouse Gases May Save the Polar Bear

January 25, 2007 – State of the Union Highlights Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

January 24, 2007 – Bush Global Warming Proposal Weaker Than Existing Law

January 18, 2007 – Groups Petition Department of Energy to Create Plug-in Car Market to Combat Global Warming

April 6, 2006 – New National Fuel Economy Standards Challenged

March 31, 2006 – Court Rejects Bush Administration Attempt to Delay Alternative Fuels Vehicles Purchase Plan for Federal and Private Fleets

March 7, 2006 – Court Rules Bush Administration Violating Law Designed to Reduce Foreign Oil Dependence, Global Warming and Air Pollution: Alternative Fuels Vehicles to Receive Boost