Endangered Earth
Winter 2017

Endangered Earth is the membership newsletter of the Center for Biological Diversity, published three times a year in January, July and November. To subscribe to the print edition, become a member of the Center today.

The November 2016 election drastically changed our plans for 2017 — and this edition of Endangered Earth addresses what we're facing head on: "a fight like no other" against the new Trump administration. In a letter from our executive director, we vow that the Center and our vast network of resistance will do everything possible to defeat Trump’s assault on America’s clean air and water, climate, wildlife, civil rights, reproductive rights, gender and racial equality, and freedom of speech and religion.

Following our customary "Year in Review" — which covers 2016 victories and actions like obtaining federal protections for 33 species, forcing the Environmental Protection Agency to acknowledge airplane pollution’s climate threat, and catalyzing the national “Keep It in the Ground” movement to end new federal leasing of fossil fuels — we lay out 15 ways in which we're going to fight Trump in 2017. Just three of these actions are (1) fighting the confirmation of Trump's extremist, financially conflicted, unqualified cabinet nominations; (2) defeating efforts to give away federal public lands or turn their management over to states and corporations; and (3) stop the Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone XL. Read more.