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For Immediate Release, June 8, 2007

Contact: Melissa Waage, Legislative Director , (202) 680-4150,
Will Hodges, Media and Policy Advocate, (520) 623-5252 x 315,

Statement on House Appropriations Committee Move Against
Bush Endangered Species Act Attack

We applaud the House Appropriations Committee for standing up to the Bush administration’s attempts to gut the Endangered Species Act. The Interior and Environment spending bill the committee passed yesterday includes language to counter harmful Endangered Species Act regulations that the administration is cooking up.

Taxpayer dollars should not be used to weaken a law that enjoys broad public support. The Bush administration has received a well-deserved rebuke from Congress for its overreaching attempts to rewrite the law. 

Time and time again, the Bush administration has shown that it can’t be trusted with the welfare of America’s most imperiled wildlife. The administration’s draft ESA regulations would undermine nearly every aspect of the law. The regulations have earned public complaints from Natural Resources Committee Chairman Nick Rahall, Senate committee chairs Barbara Boxer and Joe Lieberman, and Republicans such as Rep. Wayne Gilchrest and Rep. Jim Saxton. Continued oversight and attention from Congress is essential to preserving a strong Endangered Species Act.


The Center’s analysis of the Bush administration’s leaked draft Endangered Species Act regulations is available at:

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