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For Immediate Release, March 12, 2019

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Bold Nevada Legislation Would Target Zero Emissions by 2050

CARSON CITY, Nev.— The Nevada Legislature’s Committees on Growth and Infrastructure will hear Senate Bill 254 today. This legislation would set a target of “zero or near-zero emissions” for all sectors of the state’s economy by 2050, taking decisive action toward combatting the worst effects of climate change.

“S.B. 254 may be the single most important piece of legislation in Nevada’s history,” said Patrick Donnelly, the Center for Biological Diversity’s Nevada state director. “From dwindling flows in the Colorado River to catastrophic wildfires scorching millions of acres across the Great Basin desert, climate change poses absolutely devastating threats to our state.”

This legislation, introduced by renewable energy entrepreneur and energy thought leader Senator Chris Brooks (D-Las Vegas), is part of a suite of bills, including a renewable portfolio standard and a regulatory framework to promote community-based solar projects, being considered by the legislature.

While much climate action has focused on the electricity sector, S.B. 254’s zero-emissions target would also apply to transportation, industry, commercial and residential energy use, including heating, agriculture, and land use, which combined account for almost 70 percent of the state’s emissions.

“Setting this target would vault Nevada into a position of global climate leadership and inspire other states to step up,” Donnelly said. “We’re grateful to Senator Brooks for putting future generations and our environment over profits for dirty fossil fuel companies.”

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