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For Immediate Release, June 15, 2017

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Nevada Governor Signs Law to Restore Rooftop-solar Safeguards

CARSON CITY, Nev.— Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval today signed Assembly Bill 405, which reinstates a framework for owners of solar panels in the state to get reimbursed for excess energy they generate.

The new law restores net metering in Nevada, which was eliminated by the state's three-member Public Utilities Commission without public input in December 2015, at a discounted rate. Utility customers with rooftop solar will be compensated at 95 percent of the retail electricity rate for solar energy they put back into the grid. The credit declines overtime in 7 percent increments for every 80 megawatts of rooftop solar energy deployed, until it reaches a floor rate at 75 percent of the retail rate.

“Governor Sandoval's move today puts Nevada back on track, after bad policy decisions caused solar development in the state to come screeching to a halt,” said Chad Tudenggongbu, senior renewable energy campaigner at the Center for Biological Diversity. “The new law will help make sure owners of rooftop solar are compensated more fairly, and it'll bring well-paying, clean energy jobs back to Nevada.”

The bill signed today is designed to protect Nevadans' right to generate, consume and store renewable energy, as well as their ability to connect solar energy systems to the utility in a timely manner without being subjected to burdensome requirements. It also sets clear requirements to ensure that solar customers are fully informed before signing contracts.

The Nevada legislature earlier this year passed two additional renewable energy bills, Assembly Bill 206 and Senate Bill 392. Assembly Bill 206 requires electricity providers in the state obtain at least 40 percent of electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind by 2030. Senate Bill 392 instructs the Public Utilities Commission to adopt standards for the operation of community solar gardens. Both of these bills are awaiting a decision by the governor.

“This new law is an important step in restoring Nevada to its rightful place as a renewable energy leader. But there's a lot more the governor can do to help remove roadblocks to rooftop solar, starting by signing the two other solar bills on his desk,” said Tudenggongbu. “Nevada should lead the transition to a clean, equitable and sustainable energy system. Sandoval needs to keep protecting Nevadans' right to get their power from the sun.”  

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