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For Immediate Release, Dec. 4, 2016

Contacts:  Randi Spivak, Center for Biological Diversity, (310) 779-4894,
Jane Kleeb, Bold Nebraska, (402)705-3622,

Obama Administration Denies Dakota Access Permit, Calls for Review of Route, Full Environmental Impact Statement if Project Intends to Move Forward

Cannon Ball, N.D. — The Obama administration announced on Sunday that the Army Corps of Engineers has denied the final easement permit application needed to complete construction of the Dakota Access pipeline under Lake Oahe in North Dakota. 

Additionally the Corps laid out certain conditions, including a review of the pipeline route and the completion of a full environmental impact statement, should the company still intend to move forward with this project, which is trampling sovereign rights; abusing eminent domain for private gain; and threatening our land, water and climate. 

The Corps' announcement was welcomed at Standing Rock, where thousands of water protectors have for months endured violent attacks — with pepper spray, rubber bullets, attack dogs, water cannons, LRAD sound cannons, and concussion grenades — and generally inhumane treatment at the hands of federal and state law enforcement and private security.

Water protectors have been maimed during these escalations by law enforcement and private security, and those arrested during nonviolent acts of civil disobedience have been routinely subjected to strip searches, as well as detained in dog kennels inside a parking garage. 

The movement of the water protectors at Standing Rock and all who stand with them pledge to continue to fight until the Dakota Access pipeline is defeated once and for all, and further until no oil passes through any pipe already in the ground. 

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