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Tucson Doctor, Conservationists Join World Vasectomy Day

International Event Promotes Vasectomies, Highlights Link Between
Runaway Human Population Growth and Wildlife Extinction

TUCSON, Ariz.— Tucson’s Center for Biological Diversity is teaming up with Dr. Peter Burrows, a local board-certified urologist with the Arizona Center for Vasectomy and Urology, P.C., to participate in World Vasectomy Day today. The event highlights the connection between the growing human population and environmental effects, including the loss of wildlife species around the globe.

World Vasectomy Day
Image by Melissa Amarello, Center for Biological Diversity. This image is available for media use.

“Every day we add 227,000 people to an already crowded planet, and yet half the population is often left out of the conversation when it comes to how to solve the problem,” said Taralynn Reynolds, the Center’s population and sustainability organizer.  “World Vasectomy Day and the participation of doctors like Peter Burrows is an important part of including more men in family planning conversations — as well as celebrating those who take an active role for the sake of their families and the planet.” 

World Vasectomy Day was founded in 2013 by Jonathan Stack, an Emmy Award-winning and Academy Award-nominated filmmaker, and urologist Dr. Doug Stein in the hopes of raising awareness about vasectomy, increasing access to the procedure, and inspiring more men to become engaged as equal partners with women in the family planning conversation. Organizers hope to have 250 doctors in 30 countries complete 1,500 vasectomies today.

“I’m happy to be a part of World Vasectomy Day to help raise awareness about vasectomies as a safe and viable option for men whose families are complete,” said Dr. Burrows. “Whether they’re doing it for their families, for the planet or for other reasons, my patients are happy with the outcome.”

The Center is taking part in World Vasectomy Day today to highlight the importance of involving men in family planning to protect endangered species from runaway human population growth. In the past four decades, human population has nearly doubled while wildlife populations have plummeted.

“Human population growth and overconsumption are at the root of our most pressing environmental problems, including the species extinction crisis, habitat loss and climate change,” Reynolds said. “Scientists predict the human population could hit 12 billion by the end of this century. Men could play a key role in making sure that doesn’t happen with a vasectomy, a procedure that takes about 30 minutes but whose benefits last a lifetime.”

For more information on World Vasectomy Day and to access a downloadable flyer and memes, visit the Center’s #WVD2014 webpage.

The Center for Biological Diversity’s Population and Sustainability program works to address the connection between runaway human population growth and the wildlife extinction crisis through innovative outreach and advocacy campaigns that promote universal access to family planning, education and equal rights. The Center supports World Vasectomy Day and the many doctors and men participating.

Media note: Dr. Burrows is available to speak with reporters but may be busy with patients.

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