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For Immediate Release, September 18, 2014

Contact: Valerie Love, (510) 274-9713

After Cross-country Trip, People's Climate Train Arrives for Historic Climate March in NYC

NEW YORK— The People’s Climate Train — carrying more than 150 nuns, ministers, tribal leaders, teachers, students and other climate activists — arrives in New York City tonight after a four-day cross-country trip en route to the largest demonstration in the history of the climate movement. The train, organized by the Center for Biological Diversity, has included workshops, discussions and activist trainings as the train passed through some of America’s lands most threatened by the climate crisis.

“We can’t wait to get off the train in New York and unleash our call for action on global warming,” said the Center’s Valerie Love. “We’ve had a blast on the train but we’re on an urgent mission: The climate crisis will touch every corner of this country and, if we don’t act soon, we’re condemning ourselves to more heat waves, more rising seas, more disastrous storms. We have a chance to change the course of history — that’s what this train is all about.”

All told, the People’s Climate Train is carrying about 170 people. Most boarded the Amtrak on Monday in Emeryville, Calif. The train picked up more climate riders in Reno, Denver, Salt Lake City, Omaha and Chicago.

The People’s Climate Rally, which will include thousands of people from around the country, will be Sunday, Sept. 21.

Sponsors of the train include Global Exchange, Buddhist Global Relief,, Sierra Club, Avaaz, Idle No More Bay Area, Citizen’s Climate Lobby, Breakthrough Communities Urban Tilth, Communities for a Better Environment and other regional grassroots groups.

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