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The Extinction Crisis

Ancient forests, free-flowing rivers, living oceans and deserts and the abundance of life they contain: all these, having evolved over millions of years, are in danger of vanishing from the world within decades. In the grips of an explosion of extinctions that is unprecedented in history, we are now seeing the disappearance of biological and habitat diversity across the globe as wild lands and waters are desecrated and species are driven extinct.

Working in Coalition

At the same time-under the advance of a rapacious and homogenizing global economy driven by human population growth and resource consumption-traditional and smaller societies are being subsumed and destroyed, and with their destruction linguistic and cultural diversity are also in drastic decline.

Our Mission

At the Center we believe that the health and vigor of human societies and the integrity and wildness of the natural environment are closely linked. Beyond their extraordinary intrinsic value, animals and plants, in their distinctness and variety, offer irreplaceable emotional and physical benefits to our lives and play an integral part in culture. Their loss, which parallels the loss of diversity within and among human civilizations, impoverishes us beyond repair.

Combining conservation biology with litigation, policy advocacy, and an innovative strategic vision, the Center for Biological Diversity is working to secure a future for animals and plants hovering on the brink of extinction, for the wilderness they need to survive, and by extension for the spiritual welfare of generations to come.

Join us in the fight to keep the wild alive.