The Ash Meadows gumplant (Grindelia fraxino-pretensis), a member of the sunflower family, is a 28-40 inch tall woody perennial herbaceous plant found only near the Inyo county CA and Nye county NV stateline.

Its leaves are leathery, dark green, and dotted with resinous glands. The gumplant sports yellow flowers from October-June. Decline of the Ash Meadows gumplant is due largely to road construction, alterations in spring hole and outflow morphometry at six sites, utilization of land for agricultural purposes, grazing by cattle and feral horses. It suffered 90% decline in an area fenced off for grazing horses near Ash Meadows Rancho. The gumplant is threatened also by the possibility of altering surface drainage patterns and mining the aquifer which would reduce or eliminate surface water, lower the water table, and interfere with ground water recharge. The resulting destruction of down gradient wetlands would be extremely detrimental to this and other species of Ash Meadows.

graphic Andrew Rodman ©2002
June 25, 2003
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