Range & Status
AZ, NM, Sonora (Mexico). Historically, the Gila chub was found in most headwater streams of the Gila River drainage in Arizona and New Mexico, and within the Santa Cruz and San Pedro river systems of Arizona and Sonora, Mexico. It is thought to be extirpated from New Mexico. In Sonora, it was recently found in two cienegas near the headwaters of the San Pedro River. In Arizona it is reduced to fewer than 15 small streams in central and southeastern areas of the state

Livestock grazing, groundwater pumping, water diversion, dams, road building, and exotic species.

Listing History
Listing petition filed on 6-5-98 by Center for Biological Diversity and Sky Island Watch.

Action To Be Taken
Proposed listing rule with critical habitat.


graphic Andrew Rodman ©2002
June 24, 2003
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