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Bush Forest Plan:

Smokescreen for
More Logging!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Inspired by a True Story

Oppose Bush's "Healthy Forest Restoration Act of 2003" (HR 1904).

UPDATE, October 8, 2003
Senate to vote soon on Bush's forest plan

Your letters, faxes, or calls needed. The House of Representatives approved President Bush’s Healthy Forest Initiative, H.R. 1904 in May, which was then approved by the Senate Agriculture Committee in July. It is now headed to the Senate floor. The direct consequence of the Senate approving H.R. 1904 would effectively cut Americans out of management decisions affecting their public lands, give the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management unprecedented and unchecked discretion to log public forests, and give logging companies and the biomass industry increased corporate subsidies and unfettered access to America’s public forests.

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, and New Mexico Senator Jeff Bingaman need to hear the voices of New Mexicans right now. Please urge our State's decision makers to publicly oppose the President's disastrous plan for our public lands.

Our decision makers must be informed that our forests will benefit from legislation that:

  • Provides necessary funding to assist at-risk communities with work on federal as well as state, tribal, and non-industrial private lands in their Community Protection Zones.
  • Allows the public to comment and participate, in projects conducted on federal lands.
  • Protects roadless areas, old growth, and threatened and endangered species habitat, and prohibits road construction on these ecologically valuable lands.
  • Upholds environmental laws and allows for fair judicial review.

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