Archive of Center Actions


Biodiversity & Endangered Species
Protect and recover imperiled plants and animals and their habitat.

Climate, Air, Energy
Reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution to protect biological diversity and the environment.
Public Lands
Preserve the wild animals, plants and character of these lands across the West.
Protect global biodiversity where U.S. and international laws can be applied and successfully hold the U.S. government accountable for its actions threatening species around the globe.

Protect global marine biodiversity and prevent the extinction of any marine species subject to the U.S. jurisdiction.

Urban Wildlands
Protect wildlife, natural areas, and quality of life at the urban interface through conservation planning.



Altamont Pass Wind Farms

Bering Sea

Borderlands & Boundary Waters

California Desert Conservation Area

Ecosystem Restoration

Environmental Education

Environmental Policy

Forest Fires & Forest Health

Gila Headwaters

Give a Hoot: Help Protect Imperiled Owls

Livestock Grazing

Mining & Drilling

Native Plant Conservation

Off-Road Vehicle Reform

Pacific Islands


Predator Conservation

Puget Sound

San Pedro River

Science & Research

Sky Islands

Sonoran Desert National Monument

Southern California National Forests

Tejon Ranch Natural Heritage Park, California

Verde River

Western Native Trout

Wild & Scenic Rivers

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