HighlightED CAMPAIGNS From Our 2015 endangered species DEFENSE fund

Here are six of our favorite campaigns to save endangered species in 2015. Click on a photo or link to learn about donating a gift that supports one or more campaigns through the Center's Endangered Species Defense Fund — and all gifts made by Dec. 31, 2015, will be matched dollar for dollar.

Once you click on a campaign page to donate, you'll be taken to our Endangered Species Defense Fund page, where you can choose whether to give in your own name or someone else's as a gift donation.



Polar bears

Big Oil can't be trusted in our oceans, especially in the harsh conditions of the Arctic, where polar bears, whales and seals are at great risk. Help these Far North animals now.



Politicians in Congress are plotting against wolves. Help us stop congressional riders that would allow their massacre.


Arctic fox

A rogue agency called Wildlife Services is slaughtering some of our most magnificent wildlife, from Arctic foxes to prairie dogs. Help us save them.



A new bee-killing poison is being marketed as "bee safe" ... and the EPA is fine with it. We're suing in opposition — join us with a gift today.


African elephant

Elephant populations are crashing as ivory poaching sweeps Africa. The Center is taking action, and we need you by our side.



Monsanto's herbicides are pushing monarch butterflies to extinction — please help us make sure they don't finish the job.


Mexican spotted owl   Robin Silver