PROTECTION STATUS: Not listed federally in the United States; listed as an endangered species in Canada. State-listed as endangered in New Jersey and Vermont, and proposed endangered in Pennsylvania. Listed as threatened in Wisconsin, and as a Species of Greatest Conservation Need or Species of Special Concern in Delaware, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Texas. Listed as At Risk in Nebraska.

RANGE: The tricolored bat ranges across most of eastern North America and into eastern Central America, and it occurs over much of the midwestern United States.

THREATS: White-nose syndrome; habitat destruction, including from logging, residential and agricultural development, mineral extraction and sealing of entrances to abandoned mines; environmental contaminants; industrial wind-energy projects; climate change.

POPULATION TREND: Little research and monitoring occurred for this species prior to the onset of white-nose syndrome, but its population has declined by at least 34 percent with varying levels of severity in different regions.

Photo of tricolored bat by Dave Thomas/Flickr