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Sarah Palin Never Sang "Baby Beluga" to Her Children
By Katie Gray

Today brings us yet another sorry tale
of Sarah Palin, and the Beluga Whale
no "Baby Beluga in a deep blue sea"
Not for Sarah, no siree

In Alaska and Cook Inlet they earned protection
But Sarah's now got Alaska filing suit for their rejection
Ms. Palin wants 'em off that Endangered Species list
Cause if they're all dead, they won't be missed.

"Alaska needs bridges, Alaska needs oil
Some stupid white whale shouldn't get to spoil
The oil industry's drive for profits and ready cash,
who cares there's been a species crash?"

Those pesky whales, wolves, and polar bears
All of 'em had better say their prayers
They'll be nice cooked, or up on the wall
Who cares if it's their curtain call?

Photo © Martin Tiller