Action timeline

May 27, 2009 – The Center protested an application to divert massive amounts of water from the Green River in Utah for a nuclear power plant.

October 2009 – A Center appeal resulted in the rejection of a Bush-era permit approving a massive new coal-fired power plant in northern New Mexico that would have polluted streams inhabited by the razorback sucker.

November 16, 2009 – The Center submitted condemning evidence to the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection demonstrating that Lake Mead, including habitat for the sucker, is being polluted by unregulated endocrine-disrupting chemicals. We requested inclusion of the lake on Nevada's list of impaired waters and enforcement of limitations on pollution.

January 11, 2010 – The Center petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency to establish nationwide water-quality criteria for a host of endocrine-disrupting chemicals, some of which affect the sucker.

January 20, 2010 – The Center submitted comments to the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection objecting to plans to allow the discharge of 25 million gallons per day of effluent laden with endocrine-disrupting chemicals into Las Vegas Wash and Lake Mead, habitat for the sucker.


Razorback sucker photo by Mark Fuller, USFWS