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No. 24, April 19, 2018

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President Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke want to make America's public lands great — for fossil fuel companies. To accomplish this they've installed a trio of political appointees with long histories of undermining protections for public lands and endangered species. David Bernhardt, Greg Sheehan and Susan Combs do most of their work in the shadows, but we've shined a light on them.

One of those appointees, by the way, is behind this week's lifting of major provisions of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which now makes it easier for fossil fuel companies and other industries to kill protected birds without threat of punishment. Awful.

In other news, some conservatives are actually trying to get the government to do more about climate change. One of them is retired Lieutenant General John G. Castellaw, of The Center for Climate & Security advisory board, who tells us anyone who disregards the threats of climate change "is stupid."

So how can we get more people to listen to the news about climate change? According to filmmaker Dayna Reggero of the Climate Listening Project, the most important thing is "to listen to the real people dealing with climate impacts and the real people creating solutions." Read our interview with Reggero in the launch of our new "5 Questions" series.

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Can cheetahs outrace extinction? Watch our video now to find out.

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